The Future of Tucson’s Housing

Tuesday, August 8 at 6pm

Join us at Sustainable Tucson’s monthly meeting, “The Future of Tucson’s Housing,” on Tuesday, August 8, at 6 pm for an inspiring and informative event that will reshape the way we think about our homes and their impact on the environment and our community.

Discover how we can take charge of our local part in a national problem and build a resilient, sustainable future for Tucson! Our focus will be on tackling the challenges of our aging homes and making them energy-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly through the groundbreaking Green Retrofit II program.

At the meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to: 🏠 Learn about the current conditions of our old houses, both in the past and today. 💰 Find out what you can do to make sustainable upgrades without breaking the bank. 👷‍♂️ Discover the innovative Green Retrofit II program, for training the skilled workforce we need to repair and upgrade our homes. 🗣 Engage in a thought-provoking panel discussion on making repair, preservation, and upgrading of our homes a top community priority.

The impact can be enormous! Buildings account for 76% of electricity use and 40% of all U.S. primary energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. But with cost-effective technologies, we can cut building energy use by over 20% in the next few decades. By fixing the nation’s 56 million old homes, we have a unique chance to combat climate change while supporting economic and social stability for millions of American families.

Green Retrofit II has ambitious goals, including: 🛠 Training a skilled workforce to repair and upgrade Tucson’s 200,000 aging and uninsulated homes. 💡 Raising awareness and providing financing tools for widespread repairs and upgrades. 🏡Collaborating with neighborhoods to implement sustainability initiatives.

Who should attend? Everyone who cares about: 🌍 Housing, environment, and social justice. 👷‍♂️ Sustainable job opportunities and rehabilitation workforce training. 🏠 Affordable, comfortable, and efficient homes for all residents. 💼Supporting local businesses and financial institutions interested in sustainable home improvements. 🏘 Creating resilient and vibrant communities for the future. 🌱 Advocating for climate change mitigation and social equity.

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