Our Mission

The mission of Sustainable Tucson is to build an equitable and resilient community that will thrive long into the future in harmony with our natural desert environment.

We collaborate with others, to explore, envision, and share ways to create a sustainable community and develop grassroots tools for action to meet local needs sustainably.

Sustainable Tucson is a non-profit, grass-roots organization that builds regional resilience and sustainability through community engagement, awareness raising, and advocacy.

Founded in 2006, Sustainable Tucson holds monthly public meetings, topical workshops, and multi-session training courses; organizes special events; and galvanizes public support for initiatives that support our mission. We are the only organization in Tucson that focuses on the entire range and interconnection of issues required to create a more sustainable community.

·   We present thought-provoking educational programs on sustainability-related topics at our monthly meetings. Program topics include water use, energy, transportation, housing, food, soil, economics, and building a resilient community in the face of climate challenges.
o   Monthly Meetings normally take place the 2nd Tuesday of the month, at 6 pm.   Currently we are holding meetings over Zoom.
o   Check the Sustainable Tucson website for specifics of the program, or sign up for our newsletter.

·   We partner with community organizations to advance our educational programs and to promote policies that support greater resilience in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

·   We support issue-focused committees and working groups.  Current groups include Zero-Waste, Charitable & Faith-based Sustainability, Habitat Restoration, Building Resilience by Building Community, and Energy Transformation. Details of their activities and contact information is on our website.

·   We provide training workshops on topics such as sustainable leadership and climate change communication.  We also offer a twelve-week program to train Ambassadors of Sustainability.

·   Special projects that we support include the Tucson Repair Cafe (www.tucsonrepaircafe.com) and an annual Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival (www.envisiontucsonsustainable.org).

We welcome volunteers to help with program planning, tabling or other educational activities, communications, outreach, current committees and projects, or new project planning & organizing.  Contact Paula <paula@sustainabletucson.org>

You can find more information about Sustainable Tucson’s programs, committees, workshops, and initiatives on our website.