Our Mission

The mission of Sustainable Tucson is to build an equitable community, in harmony with our natural desert environment, that thrives long into the future.

ST History

Began with monthly potlucks with discussions 2006

Became a project of NEST, Inc. Sept. 2007

Took over NEST, Inc. to be independent nonprofit, 2019-2021

Monthly Meetings

ST signature activity, held almost every month since 2008

Most have presented a speaker or panel of speakers; some were “Movie Night,” a few involved panels of political officials

Two monthly meetings on development of Principles of Sustainability 2017

Outside Speakers & Community Events

Jonathan Overpeck from UA, co-sponsor with Tucson Audubon, Community Water Coalition, 2011

Co-sponsor film “A Place at the Table,” with Community Food Bank, etc., 2013

Co-sponsor film “The Yes Men Are Revolting,” with Loft Cinema, etc., 2015

Co-sponsor film “This Changes Everything,” with Loft Cinema, etc., 2015

John Farrell from Institute for Local Self-Reliance, 2015

Urban Farm Tour 2016

Core Team/Board (Board +) Retreat Days




Mini-Retreat 2019

Mini-Retreat 2020

Candidate Forums

City Council candidates 2017

Spin-off Groups

Tucson Time Traders

Feeding Tucson 2014-2018 / Food Resilience Project 2017

Sustainability Festivals — City-wide Events

Livin’ La Vida Verde 2008, mini-event 20009

Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival 2012-2017, 2019, planned for 2021

Membership/Participation in Coalitions & Community Efforts

Pima County Food Alliance 2011-2013

Community Water Coalition 2011-2012 (& more?)

Shade Tucson 2019-present

Mayor’s Green Roundtable 2012

Climate Justice Workshop/Brainstorm 2018

Save Manzo Elementary 2015

Oppose Monsanto in Oro Valley 2017

Development of Sierra Club Rincon Group Candidate Questionnaire 2019-2020

Tucson 2030 District

Food Farm Finance Forum 2017

Local First AZ’s Scale-Up Program


Alerts to Advocates List

Meeting with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick 2018

Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter Environmental Day @ the Capital

Representing ST on County Green Infrastructure/Low-Impact Development Group

Membership in Professional or Community Organizations

Local First Arizona 2008-present

Festival & Events Organization of Southern Arizona 2018-present

Tucson Peace Council 2012-present

Tabling at Other Organizations’ Events

Peace Fair (multiple)

Tucson Earth Day (multiple)

Intuit Earth Day 2012

Students for Sustainability Earth Day 2019

Climate Smart Southwest 2013

Park(ing) Day 2008-2010

Community Volunteer Fair 2017-2018

10-West Discover Local Day 2018

10-West (Hackathon) 2019

Food Day 2012

UA Food Day 2014-2015

Rally for Science 2019

Tucson Plugs In (multiple)

Development of Issue-focused Committees

Charitable & Faith-based Sustainability

Habitat Restoration

Zero Waste

Building Resilience by Building Community

Community Solar

Grants, incl. applications

Clif Bar Foundation 2017 (not awarded)

Haury, Tucson 2045, 2019-present

African-American Legacy Fund (CFBS Committee) 2021

Leveler Foundation (Habitat Restoration Committee) 2021

Ambassadors for Sustainability Training Program

Session 1 Spring 2021

Session 2 Summer-Fall 2021


Transition Town (approved “member”, no activity)

Aspects of Sustainability Survey 2019