Make your voice heard about our water future

Image of the one water process, which includes groundwater, surface water, reclaimed water, and stormwater.
Tucson is working on the One Water 2100 Master Plan.

The City of Tucson is working on the One Water 2100 Master Plan to determine how Tucson will manage water resources for the next 80 years.

Your input on the plan is needed! The One Water 2100 Survey will be open through January 31, 2023 to get feedback from the community.

Sustainable Tucson prepared an info sheet to provide some background on the options in the survey. You can access the info sheet here and then use the link in the info sheet to take the survey.

Be part of our water future!


Take Heart, Take Part, Take Action

How Small Acts and Groups Can Create Big Change
An evening of stories and conversation
With Trathen Heckman, founder and executive director, Daily Acts

In getting overwhelmed and disheartened, we lose sight of the enriching, transformative impact we each can have. Come spend an hour with Trathen Heckman, author of the just-released book, Take Heart, Take Action, as he shares:

  • Tools and practices to find and live your inspiration and create a personal compass
  • How small groups can become catalysts for wide-scale change

Trathen Heckman is the founder and Director of Daily Acts Organization. He serves on the Board of Transition U.S. and the California Water Efficiency Partnership and is an Advisory Board member of the Norcal Community Resilience Network. Trathen helps people and groups reclaim the power of their actions to regenerate self, nature, and community. Trathen lives in the Petaluma River Watershed, where he grows food, medicine, and wonder while working to compost apathy and lack.