Electrify Everything

from Rewiring America Handbook

Electrification of everything is key to mitigating climate harm because it enables and empowers all of us to rapidly remove carbon from our energy diet. As we electrify and take charge of our lives we can overcome any resignation or hopelessness we may feel about catastrophic climate change.

The main areas of electrification common to most of our lives are home, transportation, work and leisure. The decisions we make there need forethought now to prepare us to act when the moment arises.

In a typical scenario, an air conditioner or furnace goes out. Money is tight. A homeowner calls a company while shivering or in a deep sweat and orders a like-for-like replacement, which will most likely lock in 25 more years of carbon pollution.

Electrification requires preparation, looking into options for cooling and heating your home electrically and efficiently before it’s an emergency. It means rethinking transportation, with a range of possibilities including replacing a gas car with an EV, using a bike or e-bike, and using public transport. And financial help is available today.

At this stage of atmospheric pollution, we must immediately drop carbon and make all major car and appliance purchases electric. The 2030s will be too late.

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