Habituate to a Renewed Energy Environment

As we go electrifying and removing carbon from our lives, clearing the air, cleaning the atmosphere, we have many other sustainable habits to pick up along the way.
Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Practicing equity and collaboration, learning to live sustainably, and unlearning the pomposities that brought us to this kill-and-die or live-and-let-live moment, will take many creative forms.

In the energy realm, we can pair our power use with availability, weaving our habits into the seasonal and hourly rhythms of life’s ballads. We can rest more when it’s dark, not try to get to every corner of the globe more often than is needful, enjoy the beauty close by that we are best positioned to love and protect, and share our good energies with one another.

That’s an Energy Transformation vision of a Sustainable Tucson I look forward to being a part of together with you! Let our working group know how we can serve you better through this web resource or otherwise.

-Duane Ediger (duane@sustainabletucson.org)
Chair, Energy Transformation Working Group
Sustainable Tucson

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