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Monsoon V

Mike Olbinski

As you enter the theater, be inspired by the stunning monsoon light show captured by storm chaser Mike Olbinski.

Prayer Run for the Santa Ritas

Leslie Ann Epperson

Sunrise in the Santa Rita Mountains of Southern Arizona. Tohono O’odham runner Marlinda Francisco receives a blessing from Austin Nuñez, Chairman of the San Xavier District of the Tohono O’odham Nation. As Marlinda begins her run to protest the threat of an open-pit copper mine here, we learn about the Tohono O’odham ancestral connection to this land and water.

Every Last Drop: The Demise of Pinto Creek

Craig Johnson

Chronicles the decline of one of the few oases in Tonto National Forest as Capstone Copper began pumping groundwater for its mining operations. The Arizona Republic published a story in April of 2022 revealing that the Forest Service was letting the stream die despite holding a water right designed to preserve enough flows to keep dependent wildlife and vegetation alive.

Reintroduction of the Beaver to the San Pedro River

Mike Foster

Overview of the importance of beavers to a healthy riparian habitat in the desert. After a 100 year absence from the San Pedro River of Southeastern Arizona, the American Beaver is reintroduced. This video explores the history of the area and how trapping, pioneer, mining, military, and ranching activities contributed to the demise of the beaver presence in the San Pedro River. A thorough investigation of the benefits of the beaver to a riparian area led to the reintroduction of the beaver in the late 20th century.

San Pedro River Beavers Counted in Binational Beaver Survey

Watershed Management Group

Watershed Management Group and partners launched the first-ever Binational Beaver Survey to assess the number of beavers along the San Pedro River and its tributaries in southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.

Can Rock Dams Reverse Climate Change?

Laura M. Norman, Ph.D.

Valer Clark and her husband installed over a thousand rock dams that enhanced the watershed and created a lush riparian habitat on their ranch.

Free Water

Andrew Brown

It is so easy to just turn on your faucet and let our precious water run down the street to dry. Learn from local water champion Brad Lancaster where our municipal water comes from and how we can channel rainwater to create a lush desert oasis and food forest with native plants!

How To Build Your Own Basin

Joaquin Murrieta Saldivar

Step-by-step directions on how to build your own basin, or rain garden. Great for your yard or any urban landscape space, learn how to quickly and easily transform your landscape into one that harvests rain and grows shade trees and native habitat. Spanish subtitles.

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